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The MothersBabies Study

Are you interested in finding out how our microbiome (the DNA of all the ‘bugs’ that live on us and in us) can impact on pregnancies and breastfeeding, in both good and bad ways? Did you know that what you eat, who you date, your physical activity, living environment, and even your ethnicity impacts on your microbiome?

We are currently recruiting people planning a pregnancy for The MothersBabies Study, a world-first pre-pregnancy study looking to uncover how a person’s microbiome changes from pre-pregnancy, throughout pregnancy, up until the baby’s first birthday, so that mums and bubs the world over may have the healthiest start to life.

Your involvement will for approximately 4 years, which includes pre-pregnancy assessment, pregnancy, and 24 month follow up once baby is born. This study is entirely observational, and there is no treatment involved. The entire study is conducted remotely using telehealth, with researchers asking questions about any existing medical and surgical history, any prior pregnancies, demographics, what you eat and drink, how much you exercise, and any medications you currently take. Microbiome samples include stool, oral, skin and vaginal swabs which are all collected by you at home and posted back to us.


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