Baby's feet held by mother in dark room

MothersBabies Study Opens for Recruitment

This is your invitation to join The MothersBabies Study.

Will you be adding to your family in the next year? Are you interested in your microbiome, and the impact it might have on the health of future generations?

This is your invitation to join The MothersBabies Study!

The Microbiome Research Centre, UNSW Sydney wants to find out how our pre-pregnancy lifestyle impacts health outcomes, and how we can change our microbiomes for the better - not just for us, but for our children too! We are currently inviting all women and their families in NSW, who are planning to conceive within the next 12 months, and will have all their pregnancy care within NSW, to participate in this groundbreaking study!

There is no intervention - we conduct a health assessment every 3 months until baby is born (once baby is born these are more regular so we can assess their health too) and ask you to provide us with microbiome sampels (stool, urine, blood, skin, oral and vaginal for mum | stool, urine, oral and skin for baby). Partners can provide a one-off sample at your first visit too, to see if their microbiome interacts with yours!

You can sign up using the link below or by emailing