Microbiome Research Centre Reel for research fundraiser 2023 - Kilts Optional

Event: Reel for Research Fundraiser with SSMRF

Come along and join us at the St George League Club's Grange Room at 7:30 pm, for a night of cocktail food, live music and Ceilidh (Scottish folk dance) performed by Scottish musical duo Duncan and Strutt. A cash bar is also available. 

All funds raised will go to support research at the MRC. 

With your support, we can deepen our understanding of the intricate mechanisms underlying liver disease, colorectal cancer, pregnancy-related complications, and IBD. This knowledge will pave the way for developing novel treatments, diagnostic tools, and preventive strategies, transforming healthcare outcomes for individuals facing these challenges. 

Visit the event page for details and ticket purchase here: https://www.stgeorgemrf.com.au/reel-for-research/